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CIS 421/521 will be offered during the Summer 2 Session (July 5-August 9). The class will meet in 3401 Walnut room 401B on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:30pm-5pm (not noon-2:30pm like it said during Advanced Registration).

The Fall 2019 class is full. But you can sign yourself up for the waitlist if you’d like to try to get a spot.

Course number
CIS 421/521 - Artificial Intelligence
Chris Callison-Burch
Discussion Forum
Time and place
Summer 2 Session 2019 (from July 5th through August 9th). Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:30pm-5pm in 3401 Walnut room 401B.
Office hours
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd edition) by Russel and Norvig
Collaboration Policy
Unless otherwise noted, you are not allowed to work in groups on the homework assignments. You can discuss homework problems with others (you must explicitly list who you discussed problems with on each homework submission), but 

all code must be your own independent work. You are not allowed to upload your code to publicly accessible places (like public github repositories), and you are not allowed to access anyone else’s code. If you discover someone else’s code online, please report it to the course staff via a private note on Piazza.